In this section, IDhub would show you all the tasks that you need to take action on. When you click on the “Tasks” in the left panel, then you would be taken to this page.

As is shown in the screenshot above, the middle portion of the page shows all the tasks that is there for the user. And in the right side of the page, there are various filters provided IDhub through which you can filter the tasks. The various filters that is provided by IDhub are as follows:

Relevance Filters

  • Assigned to me

  • Assigned to my group

  • Claimed by me

  • Expiring soon

  • Recently re-assigned

  • Bookmarked

Status Filters

  • Assigned

  • Claimed


  • Approval

  • Fulfilment

  • Certification

  • Onboarding

There’s also Clear All link, which allows you to clear all the filters.

Tasks Grid

In the middle portion of the page, IDhub shows you the task grid which are basically list of all tasks.

The tasks are basically 4 types:

  1. Approval

  2. Fulfillment

  3. Certification

  4. Onboarding

Idhub shows different colour icons for the above 4 task types, so that you can easily segregate the tasks according to the type. The other details that are shown are as follows:

  • Task name

  • Username for which the task is for

  • Task ID

  • Task duration (If task is expired, then system would show expired over there)

  • Approve button

    • This enables you to approve the task. You click on the button to approve, IDhub asks you to enter a reason and then you submit in order to approve the task.

Vertical (3 dots) menu for each task:

When you click on the 3 dots (vertical menu), IDhub provides you the following menu options for each task:

  • Reject

    • This enables you to reject the task

  • Escalate

    • This enables you to escalate the task.

  • Reassign

    • This enables you to re-assign the task to a different user.

  • Share

    • This enables you to share the task to an email. When you click on share, Idhub allows you to enter an email, so that you can share the task to someone else.

  • Bookmark

    • This enables you to bookmark the task.