Keyword Search:

You can enter a search tag or keyword to search the catalog for Applications, Entitlements, Roles and Users. Enter * to search for all the catalog items within your organization. 

A count of search results and the catalog list is displayed to you. 

The search results can be narrowed down and categorized into only Applications, only Entitlements, only Users and only Roles using the tab function in the Search bar. You have to enter data in the search bar for this function to work. If you do not enter any data and select search you will receive an error message - 

Search Catalog Error 

Search keyword cannot be empty.

After search you can filter the results relevant to you-

  • By your department
  • By your location 
  • By work-group(s) you are associated with
  • Recently added to IDHub
  • By access you have.
  • Or by tags that are associated with the application, entitlements and roles .

You can also clear all the filters that you have added by using the Clear All tag. 

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Troubleshooting Catalog:

Common errors encountered while using the catalog -

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