To request access to organizational resources using a catalog for self or others follow the following steps -

Step 1 -

Search and Filter resources you are looking for. You can read through this section to learn how to search & filter.

Step 2 -

 Select the resource to add to cart.Continue to add multiple items to your cart as required.

Step 3- 

Select  the cart icon visible in the bottom right corner  of your screen. This will open your cart for review. 

Step 4-

Review your cart. After review you can remove items from your cart using the  icon or proceed to view more details.

Step 5-

Here, you are able to request for other by adding users to the request. Simply start typing the user name and IDHub will assist you to find the user. 

You can view which user already has access to the application by the  icon associated with their name . You can now  decide to

  •  remove the user from the request
  • change their account information (Login ID and Password) associated with the application by updating existing account or creating new account.

   icon for a Role or an Entitlement essentially means the user has access and they will be removed. This is indicated by a strike-through across their name.

 icon for a Role or an Entitlement essentially means the user has requested access and they will be removed. This is indicated by a strike-through across their name.

Step 6-

Select the applications where more info is required , indicated by the  icon . A right hand panel opens with a list of users and forms for account creation or updating required to be completed.

Once all info required fields are completed, click done button on the panel to exit or click outside the right hand panel.

You can also click on each Role and Entitlment in the cart to review the right hand panel that displays the users within the request .  indicates user already has access.  indicates the user has requested access 

Step 7-

The bottom of the screen note indicates if your request is ready to continue to the next step. Select Continue to proceed.

Step 8-

Provide a justification to submit your request to create a new request.

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