This page talk about the identification of your organisations list of applications and entitlements

Before getting started with any IAM system, it is imperative to know more about the set of Applications and entitlements of your organisation.

If you are new to IAM world, below steps/ checklists are standard for identifying how to formulate and use our IAM system to its fullest.


Q1) What is the existing source of user information (Example: An HR Application that hosts user information) - Choose from below:

  • We have an HR Application (E.g. Zenefits, Freshteam etc) that has all the employee information
  • We have another application that hosts contractors or other users information
  • We have built an in-house application that contains user information
  • We store all the information in an Excel File
  • None of the above

If you have chosen HR application only go to Q2

If you have chosen HR and other application go to Q2

If you have chosen Excel file, go to Q4

If you have chosen ‘None of the above’ contact Sath support team at

Q2) Does your IAM system have an existing connector to connect with your application(s)?

  • Yes, my IAM system has a connector built for the application that we use to store user data
  • No, they do not have a connector built for the application(s) we are looking for
  • Maybe, I do not know

If your answer is ‘Yes’, go to Q3

If your answer is ‘No’, go to Q4

Q3) Can you connect your IAM application or you need assistance?

  • Yes, I am able to connect to my application with my IAM system
  • No, I am unable to connect using the connector provided by my IAM system

If yes, Congratulations! You are good to start managing the user information and access related information in your IAM system.

If No, you need an IAM expert to connect your application. Contact Sath IAM experts for se``