Step 4: Create new Roles for the Application.

Role: Defined as a logical representation of a person's functional responsibilities. It is a collection of entitlements. When a role is assigned to a User, they are granted all entitlements within that specific role. Roles are useful when an application requires multiple entitlements across multiple target systems.

  Select  ‘Add New Role’ button to enter details of the new role.

After you enter all the Role details, click the ‘Add/Modify Entitlements’ button to assign entitlements to the new role. 

Search for entitlements by their name or target system. Type in either field(or leave them blank to list everything) and click.  Any matches will display below.  Assign desired entitlements using the button. Repeat the search and assign steps until you've added all the needed entitlements and click Save. 

Added roles will display in a grid.  Repeat the process until all Roles have been added. 

Select next for final step.

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