Add to associate Applications and their entitlements to a Role.

1.Search box: Enter the search string to find an Application or Entitlement. Here we entered "Auto CAD"

2. Select from search results: Application and entitlements can be searched and selected to add to the role in creation. The resource can also be removed from the list by deselection. Here, 2 results were displayed. We select "Auto CAD" application and "AutoCad User" entitlement.

3. Selected: This displays all the applications and entitlements selected to be part of the Role.

4. Remove All: This removes all the selected application or entitlements from the selected list.

 Use this to remove a single application or entitlement from the selected list.

5. Navigation options: Previous and Submit buttons help to navigate to the previous and submission screen respectively.

The final step in the role on-boarding process it to submit for approval. Select Submit.

6. Enter a Reason*: This field appears for resource owner to provide justification for role on boarding. Provide a justification.

7. Submit: Select this to finally submit your new role to Access Manager group for approval . On approval, this role is successfully on-boarded.

Next, let us look at requests generated for the new application and new role.

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