When a role is created, a condition can be associated with that role using the add condition query. This is an optional step and is not required.

You can add multiple conditions combined using AND, OR to form the query.  IDHub uses the condition to determine applicability to enterprise users and assigns the role to the user. It is important to note that if the role condition assigns the role to a user it will not go through the approval workflow and is deemed approved.

The figure shows you an example query:

Lets enter our first role condition -

1.Select an Attribute: From the drop down displayed select a user attribute. Select "Title".

2. Select a condition: From the drop down select a  condition. Select "equals (=)".

3. Select a Value: From the drop down select a value. Select "Cloud Architect".

4. Select AND: To add the second role condition select the AND operator

 Icon at the end of a row condition helps to remove the row condition.

For the second role condition -

Attribute= "department"

condition = "equals(=)"

Value(s)= "IT Service"

Thus, our Role condition now reads:

Assign the Role - Technical Architect for all users with Title= Cloud Architect AND department = IT Service 

5. Gives you the guidelines to create the condition.

6. Navigation Options: Previous and Next buttons help to navigate to the previous and next screens respectively.

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