IDHub Documentation was created to enable all organizations the use of IDHub to its full potential. This space is specific for first time users, administrators and business analysts, who would like to understand the functions available within IDHub. IDHub is an Identity and Access Management Solution (IAM) created for organizations. Read below for more specifics on IDHub, and how it may be the IAM solution you need.

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How do I start using IDHub?

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Setting up IDHub on Premise

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For System Admins who would like to install and setup IDHub for their organization.

Quick-Setup Guide

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For Business Owners, System Administrators, or an Integrator.

Employee Guide

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For users to create and manage access related requests.

Administration Guide

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For System Administrators and application support.

Access Manager Guide

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For Users who manage access policies & applications.

Resource Owner Guide

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For Resource Owners who require application on-boarding.

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Setting up IDHub in the Cloud

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