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IDHub Docs is a one-stop platform to enable organisations of every size to use IDHub application to it's full potential. This space is for first time users, administrators and business analysts of the organisation that needs to understand the functioning of IDHub in an elaborate manner.

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For people who are looking to get an understanding of IDHub.

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Setting up IDHub on Prem

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For System Administrator  to install and setup IDHub for Organisation

Quick Setup Guide

To perform Quick setup of IDHub post installation

For Business Owners and System Administrators and Integrator

Employees Guide

Understand what can you do in IDHub as an end-user.

For users to create and manage access related requests

Administration Guide

Learn how to manage your IDHub application

For System Administrators and Application Support

Access Managers' Guide

The complete manager guide. 

For people who manage access policies & applications

Resource Owner Guide

Control all functions for your application here

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For resource owners who require application on-boarding

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