This step helps in assessing if the token generated has been correctly placed for the Onboarding to commence from IDHub or not

To do that, we will use Postman service to test.

Open Postman and do the following:

Token exchange api

This api is used for token exchange, below are the details of the parameter which need to be sent in the body

https://<dns url>/auth/realms/IDHub/protocol/openid-connect/token

You need to provide the access token generated from "Generate access token" in place of the "subject_token" key value

Test URL api

Below are the api configuration to check

https://<DNS url>/api/dataservices/TargetSystem

We need to paste the access token generated from token exchange api to Access token as shown below and hit send 

On successful we would be getting 200 response with the below result


Changes in the connector application.yml file

After successful validation we can use the Tenant-name and Offline access token in the application.yml file where the specific connector is deployed and restart the connector service. Follow this doc

Next Steps - Onboarding the connector application

To onboard connector application we have a separate documentation, to view click here