Register Jira Splice application with Atlassian Admin Account

The Jira Splice application will need to be registered with Atlassian admin account to grant it permission to call the User Provisioning APIs. Follow the steps below to setup the Splice with the required information.

  1. Login as Admin to

Atlassian Administration and click on the desired organisation

  1. Go to Directory menu and click User Provisioning.

a) If the domain is not registered, the following screen is shown.

b) Go to Domains and register the domain.

c) Once a domain is registered, an option to create a Directory is provided under User Provisioning menu

d) On clicking the Create a directory button, the user is directed to a page to create the directory

e) Once the Directory Name is entered and Create button is clicked, the user is directed to a page where the Directory base URL and API key is shown. Copy the Directory base URL and API key and store in the file of the Jira Splice application.

f) Once all the setup for the directory is completed, the newly created directory will be shown under the User Provisioning menu

  1. For basic authentication for the Jira cloud APIs, API token needs to be generated.

a) Follow the steps mentioned in to create an API token.

b) Save the generated token in the file of the Jira Splice application.

Integrate Jira Splice with Connector Application

  1. Latest Jira splice code is available in the link . The connector url is

  2. Follow the instructions here- IDHub Splice / Connector - Implementation Guide to build the Jira Splice application with the Connector Application

  3. Generate access token for the client of the particular realm and add it to the application.yml file.

Run Connector Application

Place the ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}-with-connector-application-${idhub.connection-application.version}.jar file along with the application.yml file in a separate folder and execute java --add-exports=java.naming/com.sun.jndi.ldap=ALL-UNNAMED -jar jira-splice-1.0.0-with-connector-application-2.1.0.jar command in a terminal.