Register O365 Splice application with Azure AD

The o365 Splice application will need to be registered with Azure AD to grant it permission to call the Microsoft Graph API. Follow the steps below for registration.

1.Login as admin to and click on Azure Active Directory

2. Go to App Registrations

3. Click on New Registration

4.Provide a name for the application and for supported account types, pick “Accounts in this Organizational Directory Only” and hit on “Register”

5. Copy the ClientId, TenantId and add it to the file of the o365 Splice application

6. Click on Certificates & secrets

7. Click on New client secret

8. Add a description and click on Add

9. Copy the Client Secret value by clicking on the copy icon and add this value to the file of the o365 Splice application

6.Go to the registered application and click on API Permissions and then on Add a permission.

a. In the window that pops up, click on Microsoft Graph

b.Click on Application permissions

c. Search and add the following Application permissions

  • Directory.ReadWrite.All

  • User.ManageIdentities.All

  • User.ReadWrite.All

d. After adding all the permissions, the Status initially shows as Not granted. Click on “Grant admin consent for..”

e.After granting the permissions, a green tick mark should be seen under the status column for each of the permissions

Building O365 Splice with Connector Application

  1. Follow the instructions here- IDHub Splice / Connector - Implementation Guide to build the O365 Splice application with the Connector Application

  2. The application.yml should look like this

3. After running Maven package, the target folder must contain the highlighted zip and jar files

To Run

Run as per Connector Application’s instructions